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Individual Therapy

Improving the Relationship you have with Yourself and Others

Jeff Foster:  This is Meditation

Let what comes, come.  Let what goes, go.

Don't try to push away what comes.

(It's already here and it will pass by itself in time.)

Don't try to cling to what goes.

(Grief is natural.  Leaving is life.  Bless the leaving too.)

Let what stays, stay.

Let what dies, die.

Let what lives, live.

Stop interfering with the way of things today.

Just be the wide open space for all of it.

Every thought, every feeling.

Every moment of boredom or doubt.

Be the awareness.  Be the ocean.

Allow these waves.

Therapy is a journey into the soul to explore and discover all the parts of who you are.  It is tuning into what is important to you, the things that matter to you.  Your values, your story, and who you want to become.  Therapy starts with healing your most important relationship-You.

If you have been feeling disconnected, lonely, or lost.  You are not alone.  There is hope and there is a way forward to finding You.  Healing happens in relationship.  You were not meant to do this alone.  We are relational beings and there is an innate desire in all of us to connect to ourselves, to others, and to life. 

Rooted Connection Therapy uses a holistic approach to therapy integrating mind, body, soul, and spirit.  Reach out today to start discovering You.  Please reach out to start your healing journey today.

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