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Ketamine Integration Group

This group is for folks who are currently in Ketamine treatment and would like to integrate their experiences/journeys with others.  Through rituals, meditation, gathering in togetherness, and writing exercises; this space will help you integrate your ketamine journeys.  There will be no Ketamine administered during the group; this space is for integration only.  The group is held the third Tuesday of the month from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Rooted Connection Therapy.  The cost of the group is $70.  


This group was created because there is a great need for community and for connection right now. If you are currently in Ketamine treatment at a clinic or doing KAP treatment with a therapist, come share your journeys in a safe connective gathering.  Ketamine is a medicine that opens the window of what already is inside of you.  Integration is how you carry what you are experiencing in your journeys and then integrate your new learnings into the now.  If you have been wanting to connect with others, this is a great way to continue your healing journey. 

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